Equi Projekt




We are a company specializing in the planning, construction and equipping of equestrian facilities, as well as equestrian footings.

Our experience of over 20 years stems from the personal career path of the company's founder, Ryszard Leman, who, being a passionate equestrian and a successful rider, has been involved in the real estate industry since 1990. Knowledge of equestrian subjects from the theoretical and practical side, awareness of the needs of horses and users of equestrian facilities are our strengths and source of competitive advantage. Our main area of activity is equestrian foundations, which we implement on the basis of an individual approach to our customers' business, always taking care to adapt them optimally in terms of the choice of systems and components.

We guide our customers safely through all stages of the construction process, from formal, administrative and design issues to the handover of the completed facility for use. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience, keeping a close eye on the dynamically changing market and meeting the expectations of conscious and demanding customers who, like us, have tied not only their business but also their lives to horses.

All the products on offer are carefully selected to meet the highest quality and safety standards. We work with brands serving the Olympic Games, European Championships and top-level equestrian competitions. Our portfolio includes only products from reputable manufacturers, often produced in sustainable systems and with a confirmed source of raw materials.

Our work is a source of constant satisfaction, deepening our knowledge and gathering experience. Our ambition is to create equestrian facilities of the highest class and such developments can be found in our portfolio, which over the years we have consistently managed to enrich with new completed projects.

We have extensive technical facilities at our disposal. We have around 40 machines in our permanent cycle, including a laser grader, multi-purpose loaders and professional tools used by our qualified team, which translates into timely and reliable work. By entrusting us with the implementation of equestrian infrastructure, our clients are assured of comprehensive service, the highest standards and optimization of the solutions applied, from the perspective of both future users and care for the wellbeing of the horses.


Ryszard Leman started not so much modestly as responsibly - with himself. The experience he gained on numerous sporting trips became the beginning of a dream and the founding thought of his own stable. This is how GROS Stable was established, with an intimate character, catering mainly for his own training needs and those of people using the horse boarding service.