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Our aim is to provide the best products and solutions for the equestrian market in Poland. We have the pleasure of representing several companies whose products are often recognized in the community as the best in the world. The products we offer are successfully used by leading riders and equestrian centers. Some of the products, such as footing graders, are often used at major equestrian events including Olympic Games.


Manufactured in Germany, our mirrors are characterised by extremely high pressure resistance and a high degree of safety. A significant advantage of mirrors made of crystal glass is the reduced absorption of light and thus optimal reflection.

The mirrors we have been offering for around 20 years are considered to be the best in the world. They are uncompromising in terms of safety, their main advantages being:

Extremely high pressure resistance

Six times more robust protection against damage than standard 6 mm thick mirrors

Insulation and outer coating

Reduced risk of the mirrors fogging up

Reflection free of any distortion

Reduced light absorption and therefore optimal reflection

Edge protection

The robust wooden housing provides optimum edge protection and guarantees a stress-free installation of the mirrors. In case of breakage, no glass fragments are scattered, thanks to the strong adhesive connection between the mirror and the back wall. This means that the safety of riders and horses is always guaranteed.

"Diamond" mirrors system

A high degree of thermoprotection ensures optimum thermal insulation. The side of the mirrors facing the room warms up and helps to maintain the room temperature. What's more, the heat is sent back into the room as the back side of the mirror acts as insulation. The aluminium covering on the back of the mirror prevents moisture from entering. This avoids the mirrors freezing or fogging up as much as possible. Thanks to the tension-free attachment to the rear frame, there are no curvatures in the reflections, even when joining the mirrors.

  1. Crystal mirrored glass
  2. Flexible fleece foam
  3. Solid foam insulation board
  4. Aluminium coating

pressure resistance

As tests have shown, DIAMOND System mirrors cannot be compared with single panes of toughened glass. The pressure and shock resistance is 6 times higher than that of standard 6 mm wall mirrors. Even if the mirror is damaged, the strong joints between the back panel and the mirror surface prevent shattering. This ensures the highest degree of safety for riders and horses.

A. A metal ball (2kg) is dropped from a height of about 30cm. A standard 6mm mirror shatters into countless pieces.

B. The same sphere is dropped from a height of approximately 150 cm. The mirror protected by the Diamond system does not shatter.

C. Nothing is completely indestructible. However, even when fractures do occur, the Diamond system prevents shattering and the fragments are safely contained.


Standard dimensions:

120 x 180 cm (132 x 192 cm)

150 x 180 cm (162 x 192 cm)

200 x 180 cm (212 x 192 cm)

250 x 180 cm (262 x 192 cm)

300 x 180 cm (312 x 192 cm)

400 x 180 cm (412 x 192 cm)

500 x 180 cm (512 x 192 cm)

588 x 180 cm (600 x 192 cm)


Standard dimensions:

120 x 200 cm (132 x 212 cm)

200 x 200 cm (212 x 212 cm)

300 x 200 cm (312 x 212 cm)

400 x 200 cm (412 x 212 cm)

480 x 200 cm (492 x 212 cm)