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Our aim is to provide the best products and solutions for the equestrian market in Poland. We have the pleasure of representing several companies whose products are often recognized in the community as the best in the world. The products we offer are successfully used by leading riders and equestrian centers. Some of the products, such as footing graders, are often used at major equestrian events including Olympic Games.


For the lighting of the riding halls we offer you sodium, metal-halide and LED luminaires/lamps. For each size of the riding halls we can prepare a design that will allow for the proper arrangement of the lamps in the facility.


Sodium lamps achieve a very high luminous efficiency compared to artificial light sources. For example, for a dressage arena measuring 48 x 22 metres, 10 lamps with 250 kWh sodium bulbs are sufficient. Please find below the blueprints for the positioning of the lamps and the illuminance distribution in the hall when the luminaires are installed at a height of 5.5 metres.

Sodium vapour lamps are one of the most efficient electric light sources. This high efficiency is partly due to the fact that the light emitted has a wavelength close to the peak sensitivity of the human eye. Modern sodium lamps also have a long service life and do not decrease in luminous flux with age. Because they are environmentally friendly and economical, this type of module can be used wherever colour recognition is not required.


The long-lasting, energy-saving (75 watt) LED lights are ideal for the dressage arena. Used successfully for many years in numerous equestrian facilities in Germany (more than 350,000 sq.m), they show an optimum value for money and come with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee. The lights are equipped with a waterproof Plug & Play plug-in system for quick and easy installation. The lighting designs are three-dimensional.

LED lighting is very cost-effective due to the reduction in operating costs. Modern LED luminaires have a lifespan of many years, are durable and resistant to mechanical damage and produce a uniform light output, thus providing optimum conditions and guaranteeing good visibility. Properly selected LED luminaires minimise the occurrence of glare.

LED fluorescent lamps

We also offer 95 cm linear aluminium lamps.
Power: 30 / 45 / 60 watts
Lumens: 3.500 - 7.650 lm